How We Support your Loved Ones in Care Facilities

Offering the Support Your Loved One Needs in Care Facilities

When our loved ones are making the transition to a long term living facility (care facility), it is more important than ever to provide the support they need to adjust to their new environment. Retirement homes have come a long way in the past few decades and now generally offer peace of mind for both clients and family alike. A professional caregiver can be a welcome member of your support team, ensuring your loved one is receiving the highest level of personalized attention possible and addressing any gaps in care. 

Family peace of mind 

Occasionally life takes us to the next town over, or across the country from our family members; regular check-ins, shared meals and social visits are not always possible. We support families and seniors that may not live nearby but still want the assurance that they are receiving all of the benefits that their family would provide.

For those fortunate to live close enough to spend time with their loved one, the desire to help may be compromised by a lack of skill in the (sometimes complicated) area of senior care. Professional caregivers are trained and experienced to understand the needs of the elderly in a way that family members may not be, despite the best of intentions. We can take care of important details in the facility, gently prompting showers and assisting with personal grooming. All obstacles that may lead to tripping are removed, old medications properly disposed of and walkways cleared to allow for maximum mobility.

Even the most dedicated family member will need some moments of respite from caregiving. Having a well trained and licensed caregiver readily available is a way to  maintain a peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for in a dignified and compassionate way while allowing you the break that you need to rest and recharge.

Flexible availability

We understand that you wish you could be with your loved one around the clock, if your care home does not provide this type of one-on-one care, a caregiver can be available to ensure needs are being met. Any time day or night we are available to families in need. Our goal is to keep life interesting and our clients engaged while offering the care they require. 

A family member may be difficult or resistant to help from care home staff who may not have the time available to work through these issues, we are here to perform specific tasks such as bathing, applying lotion to soothe dry hands and makeup application. Our ability to engage in these tasks with our clients is a testament to the trust that we build and foster daily.

The transition from a rehab centre or hospital to an assisted living facility can have some physical demands such as organizing and packing, or emotional support needs such as compassionate care, these specialized circumstances can require a flexibility that we are proud to offer. Hospital advocacy and overnight and emergency care are additional services that we offer on a flexible and last-minute basis to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

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That Personalized Touch

Whether it’s celebrating birthdays, giving hugs when needed, or communicating directly with families to update them on their loved one’s day-to-day life, we provide the little extras that make our connection with our clients special.

Many long term care facilities provide leisure activities but do not actively encourage participation. If your family member is lacking motivation for these important social events, we provide a loving hand to support and encourage engagement. A caregiver also helps to facilitate  life-enriching activities such as shopping, games, and walks. We pride ourselves on being an excellent source of information and communication between doctors, facility staff, and families. 

Occasionally changes in behavior, eating patterns or general health can be missed by doctors or staff at a living facility and we are another set of trained eyes on the condition of your loved ones, able to communicate these patterns. We are here to fill the potential spaces in care that can happen in all types of senior living facilities and our approach means that we become more than a professional care aide, but a friend to your loved one. We believe in open communication and treating every client as special as you know that they are.

At Independence Matters, we strive to be the additional support needed for seniors and their families. You will rest assured in the knowledge that your loved ones are receiving the utmost level of care no matter the living situation that they are in. Follow our blog for more tips on why independence matters!

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