About Us

What to Expect

Because transparency is integral to us here at Independence Matters, it’s important that we let our prospective clients know exactly what they can expect from us.

Every one of our Caregivers:

Will carry identification provided by Independence Matters Support Services Inc.

Will arrive on time and respect your schedule.

Will confirm all appointments by phone.

Will speak and conduct services in a respectful manner.

Will provide a safe and clean vehicle.

Will not rush or stress our clients.

Will report and discuss any care concerns with you and your family.

Will not wear any scents, perfumes etc.

Will assess safety when weather is inclement.

Will communicate with our head office to report client / care concerns.

Will communicate with receptionists at appointments to help eliminate wait times.

Will make you their top priority.

Will not accept tips, gifts or loans.

Will have all available information regarding your care services, package and fees associated with Independence Matters Support Services Inc.

Vision and Mission



We believe in the value of creating strong relationships our clients can depend on.

We strive to provide exceptional service to those who wish to maintain an independent life, but are in need of some non-medical home care.

Our Caregivers go above and beyond for our clients, and are very happy to do so.

– Independence Matters Support Services

Quality Home Care

We provide compassionate, engaging, quality home care for seniors and people living with physical limitations or memory loss.

Promoting Independence

We promote the independence of our clients, and work to support their desire to live at home as long as possible.

Personalized and Flexible

We offer a service unlike any of our competitors, giving truly personalized, flexible non-medical home care.


All Independence Matters Caregivers:

Are Registered Care Aides.

Are First Aid- and CPR-certified.

Have completed a standard criminal record check, as well as one for vulnerable persons.

Have a BC Care Aide Registry Number.

Have proof of good standing.

Are bonded.

Have verified references.

Are covered by WorkSafeBC, and are properly insured.

Have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution.

home support worker taking an elderly client for a walk.


We work with clients of all ages, each with their own unique circumstances. Here are just a few of our happy clients and their families:

Here at Independence Matters, we know that enlisting support services is a big decision, and we aim to put our clients and their families at ease by meeting with them beforehand. Our consultations are a relaxed, informal way for us to get to know our clients and their families, and allow us the opportunity to discuss options and answer any questions.

Our Team

Registered Care Aides & Home Health Workers

We support your loved ones by treating them with respect and dignity, caring for each of them the way we would our own family.

In 2009, after a diverse career history, I re-evaluated my life path and decided I wanted to work in a field that truly helped people. After being asked to assist someone in getting to and from their daily appointments, I became aware of the gap in services many people face. The standard clinical checklist typically provided was clearly not enough; not only for the aging population, but also for people in general who just need a hand from time to time. In this newfound realization, my soul had found its purpose. I set out to create a company that embodied my ideals, ethics and morals, and that continually asks these questions: “How would I want to be treated?” and “How would I want my loved one to be treated?” Calling on my experience caring for my mom who had Alzheimer’s, my goal was (and still is) to offer exceptional non-medical home support to create a better quality of life for my clients, while also offering expertise in aging and dementia. It’s now been ten years since I started my journey with Independence Matters. I’m so proud of my team, and the expertise each person brings. We cherish all of our clients, and we work very hard to do our best for each of them, adapting our services to their unique and changing needs. It is my goal to not only be the best in the industry for non-medical support, but also to improve upon the past, and create an exceptional future.
I have been providing community and residential care for 40 years as a Registered Care Aide. I have worked with WorkSafe BC Health and Safety to design new programs to assist with reassessing all equipment training and personal care. Routinely, you will see me staying late, working on-call (just in case) and throughout the weekends because of my commitment to seniors.
Cindy Denoni is a Registered Care Aide at Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Cindy Denoni
Client Care Coordinator | Registered Care Aide
Independence Matters offers exactly what I’m looking for in my career. A place to build positive, caring relationships with clients and co-workers. Knowing that I can help others help themselves in maintaining their daily independence inspires me throughout the day.
Susanne Schroeder is a Registered Care Aide in Maple Ridge, BC.
Susanne Schroeder
Registered Care Aide | Team Leader
I've been a Companion/Caregiver for one year. I really enjoy meeting people and working with seniors. Independence Matters is a positive, uplifting environment. Knowing I’m making a difference and giving someone the support they need is truly rewarding for me.
Sheila Braithwaite is a Home Health Worker at Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC
Sheila Braithwaite
Home Health Worker | Team Lead
I have been a consultant for Independence Matters for 5 years, aiding in the development of client centered care plans, staff education and enhancement. I have worked with addictions, community outreach teams, inpatient psychiatry, mental health, forensics, and crisis response. Currently, I am leading two teams (crisis stabilization and crisis outreach) in Interior Health.
Katlyn Grace Matuschewski is a Registered Practical Nurse who consults for Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Katlyn-Grace Matuschewski
I began my journey to assist people who need me at 14 years old. I'm 50 now and I will never stop. I bring joy but I get more joy out of this. Our team cares, you are a human being, part of our family, not just a checklist of “things to do”, we go above and beyond every single time. That's what makes us amazing.
Tanya Sawchuk is a Registered Care Aide for Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Tanya Sawchuk
Registered Care Aide
I have been a Care Aide for 43 years; the last 3 years have been with Independence Matters. I enjoy the team I work with and providing advocacy to those who need it is extremely fulfilling.
Jeanine Hudon is a Registered Care Aide at Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Jeanine Hudon
Registered Care Aide
I started working as a Care Aide when I finished school in 2014. I started in this career because I love to work with people and know that I am helping to make a positive difference in their lives.
Christina Borjas is a Registered Care Aide at Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC
Christina Borjas
Registered Care Aide
I became a Care Aide because of my passion to help the needs of others. Independence Matters is a well-respected company, and the clients are always impressed with the personal, detailed and flexible services we offer.
Wendy Wooton is a Registered Care Aide with Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Wendy Wooton
Registered Care Aide
I’ve been a caregiver all of my life: whether it was as a daycare provider in the past, providing palliative care for my mother-in-law, or currently as a mom of three. I am proud to work for a company that advocates for seniors and makes their best interests a priority.
Michelle Zachow is a Registered Care Aide with Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Michelle Zachow
Registered Care Aide
I find it very fulfilling to know that I am providing a service that goes beyond the basic needs for support. Knowing that I am helping someone keep their independence and dignity in the comfort of their own home; providing both physical and emotional support, is very rewarding.
Kaitlin Heaney is a Home Health Worker with Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC
Kaitlin Heaney
Home Health Worker
I chose to become a Health Care Assistant because my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. I’ve been in my field now for over 3 years and am enjoying the work I’m doing with Independence Matters.
Kristin Connor is a Registered Care Aide with Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Kristin Connor
Registered Care Aide
I have worked in health care for 28 years, singing to seniors and watching them smile, makes me happy. Knowing that I am in the community and making a difference brings joy to my life. I love working at Independence Matters, the best group of women I have ever worked with and I love my job!
Cindy Dodd is a Registered Care Aide with Independence Matters in Maple Ridge, BC.
Cindy Dodd
Registered Care Aide