Travelling as a Senior

Seniors are some of the lucky few who have time off from work to go and travel. Although it isn’t a requirement, it is always a great opportunity to go and enjoy the world. If finances allow it you can explore so many new places that will cater to your age. Weather you are a sight seeker or an adventure taker there is always something around the corner that might get you the travel bug. Some services specifically cater to older explorers such as “Ladies On The Go Travel Club” which focus’ on older women who want other female travel companions.

Here are some tips to traveling as a senior:

  • Go during April – Mid June or September and October
  • Find out what travel insurance you need. Get covered because you may need it.
  • Pack light  – bring accessories for accessibility such as glasses for reading detailed maps.
  • Have your doctor give you a list of medications you take in their generic names. This way you can more easily translate what you need to the language/area you are in.
  • Take care of yourself by checking the bag and avoiding heavy lifting. Use the commodities airlines offer such as the shuttles and preferred seating.
  • Find out if your accommodation has stairs or is cramped. This way you can book on the ground floor for more convenience.
  • Be aware that renting a vehicle as a senior may not be as accessible. Find other modes of transportation if possible such as taxi’s and busses.
  • Take advantage of seniors discounts where they are offered.

– tips from Savvy Senior Travelers by Rick Steves

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