Take Caution with Social Media

By January 31, 2017 Blog No Comments

In this new era of technology and freedom of information, everything is so easily accessible. Unfortunately, our freedom on social media can negatively interfere with what happens on an individual offline level. Although the internet and all of the resources it posses’ does provide help to caregivers, there are often times when social media has provided too much information. Many intrusive occurrences happen when people on social media are insensitive about the information they are sharing. An example may be when a caregiver has lost a loved one and someone posts a tweet or a Facebook comment about this loss. It is difficult information to share and should be divulged when the caregiver has given the say so. Here are some social media pointers to consider when dealing with sensitive issues:

1. Remember the feelings of everyone involved with the information. You are not the only one affected by it.

2. Think about why you are posting the comment or sharing the info. Does it only benefit you? Does it make you feel superior in some way? If so, maybe the reasons are not genuine or empathetic.

3. Social media is a tool to help communicate not a replacement for actual communication or help. Although supportive comments often do bring comfort, do not forget that actually being there is the best way to show you care.

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