Practical Tips to Help with Edema (Swelling)

By January 25, 2017 Blog No Comments

Edema or swelling is a very common symptom of health problems. One such health problem that has this symptom is Congestive Heart Failure. This is where your heart is having troubles moving the fluids throughout your body. If fluids can not move throughout your body effectively, the fluids end up staying put where gravity wants them. Yes, gravity is one reason feet are the first to swell. It is beneficial to reduce the edema in your feet or other areas of swelling because the excess pressure can damage the vessels they are in. Skin also starts to show the damage depending on how much edema there is.
Here are some tips to help with this common symptom:
- Reduce Sodium
- Exercise
- Massage
- Rest edematous limb above heart (ex. put your feet up)
- Apply compression bandages – ask a health care professional about the right fit for you
- Protect your skin (ex. use proper footwear, moisturize, clean properly, watch for skin damage)

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