Our Services

Client Journey


We’ll meet with you to discuss your individual needs.


We’ll work together to prepare a care plan that suits the type of support you need, as well as the amount of time you require our services for. We’ll also assign a consistent Caregiver to you.


You will have your first home support visit, and will have the opportunity to provide us with feedback on your experience, so we can continually personalize your care.

Here at Independence Matters, we know that enlisting support services is a big decision, and we aim to put our clients and their families at ease by meeting with them beforehand.

Our consultations are a relaxed, informal way for us to get to know our clients and their families, and allow us the opportunity to discuss options and answer any questions.

Our Unique Approach

Our flexible, client-centered approach is unique to us. We promote the independence of our clients, advocate for and listen to them, while offering quality, compassionate, and personalized care.


Whether it’s celebrating birthdays, giving hugs when needed, or communicating directly with families to update them on their loved one’s day-to-day life, we provide the little extras that make our connection with our clients special.

Seniors having fun and smiling happy