Keeping Safe During the Winter

By December 11, 2016 Blog No Comments

Wear appropriate footwear. Make sure the soles haven’t worn out. Have proper boots and socks. Anti-slip soles have become available.

Check walkways into and out of your home are for maintenance issues. You want the steps or walkways to be sturdy and in good repair.

Walk with a partner if needed in case of a slip.

Take your time and plan accordingly. No sense in rushing to fall.

Use handrails when available.

Take supplements to help restore and maintain bone health. Due to lack of sunlight in the winter you may be low on vitamin D.

Stay active to maintain muscle mass and strength. Active muscles will help you keep your balance.

When needing assistance do not be afraid to ask.

Have a plan in place in case a fall does occur. Prepare contact methods such as a cell phone, emergency phone numbers, and care giver supports.

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