Different Ways of Keeping Memories

By February 4, 2017 Blog No Comments

When loosing a loved one it can be very difficult to find ways to honour them. Sometimes it may be too difficult to display their photos and be reminded of the person they were. When family and friends are ready to find a way to remember their loved one it is always nice to have different ideas on how to do so. Here are a list of ways you can remember your loved one in your home:

  • Plant a tree or flower
  • Collect memories in a scrap book from friends and family. It doesn’t have to be photos, it could be poems and stories, anything that can fit in a book really. Some companies make copies of them and it can be distributed amongst every person who would like a way to remember.
  • Refurbish their clothing onto a doll or teddy bear
  • Frame a garment of clothing or textile
  • Make a quilt of photos and clothing
  • Collect a library of books they were interested in. This can continue the knowledge they might have shared.
  • Put up momentos or trinkets from their life. For example, display something from their hometown or a place they enjoyed. Put up a piece of something they may have collected.
  • You and others can make art or drawings of memories that you have.
  • Redecorate a space in your home in their taste or in a way that recaptures a memory with them. For example, if they enjoyed the Hollywood, have a Hollywood themed room.
  • Imprint photos onto different items, such as boxes or clothing.
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